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Moody movies children

Moody science videos for children
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A Fish Family, Moody movie, A fish family
The complete reproduction cycle of the blue acara fish is pictured. Included are the processes of preparing the nest, egg laying, fertilization, care during incubation, nursery construction, transporting hatchlings to nurseries and guarding the young. Close family relationship of the blue acara is emphasized.
Carnivorous Plants, moody movie, Carnivorous Plants
Photomicrography reveals the unusual structure and behavior of the Venus's flytrap, the trumpet plant, the cobra plant, the common pitcher plant, the sundew plant and the utricularia.
The Wonder Of Our Body, Moody movie, The Wonder Of Our Body
In "The Wonder Of Our Body" children learn about how fearfully and wonderfully they are made. The complexity of the human body and the various body parts working together is stressed.
The Wonder of Water, Moody movie, The Wonder of Water
In "The Wonder of Water" children learn about the chemical structure of water and how important it is to our daily life.
The Wonder of Reproduction, moody movie, The Wonder of Reproduction
How animals reproduce. Made by the Moody Institute of Science, this film features children watching Siamese fighting fish and the Egyptian mouth breeder in aquariums. Then they witness the reproductive processes of these fish and somehow try to draw parallels about their own reproduction.

Moody science videos

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